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About us

We are a new age fashion store that provides all sort of African clothing for any events, the best of which you have never come across before. With basic specialization in trendy African attire, we sell African clothing like lace materials, well designed Ankara materials, everyday shade materials of various colors, plain material yards of high-quality cotton, materials, and all forms of adire clothing.

Are you contemplating your choice of clothing for that big event? Do you want the perfect Asoebi for that wedding? Do you want your Yoruba demons to truly represent that culture? African clothing line is the best place you can be to have your taste met.

We also know the beauty and glamour accessories brings to clothing and that is why we also have a variety of beads designed in various forms to not just suit your body and looks, but to also spice up your appearance. These beads are designed by the best hands when it comes to bead making. Jewelry is also not left out. We know the love people have for jewelries and the depth of disappointment they feel when they don’t get what they are looking to make out of jewelry. This is why we have the best jewelry collections, the best any fashion store can have. We want an African appearance that accessories beautify.

When it comes to gele, we have no match in the fashion industry. We have in stock the best gele outfit all for you. Asides having gele,we also have auto gele, DIY ,read made gele,experts who are good at tying this gele to make you look like the picture you have in mind of your big day.

We also have all sorts of customers clothing depicting various African cultures in a bit to appreciate the rich heritage of the African culture. This does not mean we cannot offer personal custom clothing services. Yes, we can. So do you have a picture, writing or expression you want on any clothing, we also do that at African Clothing line.
Let us be your best choice when it comes to African clothing and accessories. We won’t disappoint you.